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Our Services

Implementation Services

This is where our team work closely with yours to understand your business objectives and processes, so we can design a solution that delivers rapid business value, on time and more importantly, within budget. Whether it’s for single-site or multi-site or global rollouts, simple or complex.

Dynamics Teck has the right type of business and technology experience for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM :
With all the experience we’ve gathered from the projects we have been on and related closely to, we know what exactly needs to be done to accomplish the type of results you are looking for, especially in improving your business process. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) team will suggest recommendations and carry out implementations that is optimal for your business.

We are your go-to provider for your Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Services:
For project teams looking for flexibility to outline important milestones and tasks for Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, this approach allows customers to decide the extent of their involvement in the ERP implementation process.

Our process comes in five phases, which are:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Operations

Throughout all of these phases, Dynamics Teck will provide support with the necessary resources and skill sets to ensure success. Our experience involves single-site, multi-site and multi-national business situations. Meeting your needs for cost-effective, timely results.

  • Project planning, organizing and staffing
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX installation for test and production
  • Core team and end user training
  • Business process mapping
  • Data mapping and conversion
  • Quality assurance
  • Set up and process workshops
  • Issue resolution
  • Conference room pilot support
  • Manual and programmatic data setup and conversion
  • Upgrade services
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX technical training
  • Integration and customization
  • Custom reports and forms
  • Permissions setup
  • Post go-live support

Support & Maintenance

Stay focused on your business and leave the technical problems to us:
Many times the Dynamics AX integrators who originally implemented the system are not able to support it. Either they are not interested in smaller support projects or the end-customers are dissatisfied with their services resulting in poor performance. The customers hire other integrators and developers, as a result the solution becomes extensively modified and hard to support. Frequent crashes can even make customers believe they’ve made a mistake by choosing Dynamics AX for their ERP system.

We are ready to address these challenges and deliver support services not only for the systems we have implemented ourselves, but also for those customized by 3d parties. We have recovered dozens of Dynamics AX projects, making the end-users recognize the real capabilities of AX ERP and never think about the performance issues again.

Microsoft Dynamics AX support includes:

Examining and/or setting productive, test, and development platforms.

Monitoring and installing Microsoft patches and hotfixes to provide the latest version of the application available.

Security, compliance, and other code reviews to ensure the solution follows Microsoft’s best practices. Troubleshooting and bug-fixing.

Analyzing the solution, drawing the performance optimization plan, finding and removing bottlenecks, and managing the preplanned maintenance events.

Making accurate time estimates and implementing new functionality whenever it is needed

Custom Development

We know that the reasons companies need to fill the gaps in their software capabilities vary widely. From extensive customizations in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM systems to building custom applications, add-ons, and products from the ground up, we see every challenge as an opportunity to make a difference.

Business-Focused Development Team :
Creating custom solutions for clients is a collaborative engagement for us, not just a one-off coding job. You might work with several Encore professionals during your project, including analysts, solution specialists, project managers, developers and our IT team. We want to understand and meet your objectives from all angles.

Multi-Platform Expertise :
Our developers are experienced, certified and trained across multiple applications, languages, platforms and infrastructures. They continuously expand their skills and knowledge to offer you the highest level of expertise for Microsoft Dynamics customizations, plug-ins and add-on products; BI enhancements; cloud solutions; mobile capabilities; web applications and beyond.

Professional Source Code Management :
Encore stores, versions, and secures all of our source code in a single environment. As Encore has grown, our development methodologies, cultures, and practices have evolved; and our source code management is a reflection of our predictable and consistent development. Our internal IT team has set up advanced backups so we are able to restore this system to any “point in time” in response to a system failure.

Leverage Years of Development Assets :
Because we’ve been doing this a long time, Encore has established an impressive inventory of resources we can use to your advantage. We’re often able to accelerate delivery and minimize costs by sharing everything from knowledge and lessons learned to tangible assets like pre-designed code blocks and plug-ins.

Agile Project Management :
Like all Encore engagements, we incorporate agile software engineering and project methodologies throughout the development of your custom solutions. With consistent communication and an iterative delivery approach, we are able to proactively resolve issues and implement changes throughout the process

System Integration

Dynamics Teck is equipped to bring together related technologies so that they work as one, in harmony with your business.

Unified, accurate data across all applications and hardware:
We understand the increasing importance of integrating your business processes into all of your back- and front-office applications. Sharing information across your business will help you increase the productivity of your employees and drive greater customer satisfaction.
While the applications we offer are tightly integrated, our consulting team can help you integrate them with your other applications. This allows you to easily share and maintain critical information.

Integration Services Expertise :
Dynamics Teck follows Sure Step and Life Cycle Services, a structured project implementation methodology. Our integration services team is staffed by experts in the leading integration technologies and platforms. As a result, your company can benefit from unified data that is always accurate across all applications.

Upgrade Services

Dynamics Teck provides Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade services with minimal interruption to the customer’s business operation. Apart from standard AX upgrades, Dynamics Teck has experience of cost effectively upgrading AX installations which have extensive modifications. While the Microsoft Dynamics AX application provides the tools to complete the upgrade, careful planning and Dynamics Teck’s practical experience ensures a successful upgrade and minimal system downtime during the upgrade process.

Dynamics Teck has successfully upgraded AX implementations including AX 4.0 and AX 2009 to AX 2012 and from AX 2012 to Dynamics 365. Our senior AX technical and functional consultants have been behind many successful Dynamics AX 2012 Upgrade all over the world. Upgrade services have included:

  • Data conversion
  • Code upgrade
  • Business process optimization
  • Live and post live support

By working closely with your internal team, Dynamics Teck ensures that your Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade is cost effective and causes minimum disruption.

Performance Optimization

Microsoft Dynamics AX performance enhancement :
Performance issues are the most common concerns for the Dynamics AX solutions. They often occur because the performance is not really considered when developers implement the system, carry out upgrades and modifications. We have recovered dozens of Axapta and Dynamics AX projects, providing comprehensive audits, creating and accomplishing the optimization plans, finding and eliminating the performance bottlenecks.

Dynamics Teck offers guidance and recommendations on all performance issues. We are ready to make any AX system run as fast and stable as it supposed to, increasing the performance. As the end-customers come to understanding the capabilities of the fine-tuned AX solution, they want to have more processes transferred to Axapta, creating more opportunities for both developers and system integrators.

Microsoft Dynamics AX performance tuning services include:

Analyzing the number of concurrent users, AOS and cluster configuration, providing recommendations on infrastructure enhancement.

Analyzing AX code and providing recommendations on refactoring in accordance with Microsoft’s best practices.

Using Microsoft tools, e.g. Microsoft trace parser, to find, analyze, and remove code’s bottlenecks, thus improving the overall performance.

Analyzing SQL server configuration and providing recommendations on database infrastructure optimization (SQL Server database/log files location, general SQL tips).

Code analysis and database operation improvement.

Applying Microsoft SQL monitoring tools to identify and analyze the long-running SQL queries

Project Management

Project management :
Hundreds of completed projects and knowledge supported with long experience form the basis for high quality of our services related to project management.
We operate on the basis of tested PMP standards and methodology.

We offer our support in the following areas:

  • Pre-project works
  • Project initiation and organization
  • Project management
  • Project finalization
  • Review of effects
  • Definition of project works and analysis of project environment

Dynamics Teck is aware that the key role in project management belongs to well-prepared project team who are active and fully involved, as well as understanding of the Customer’s business processes and goals of the project. Special attention is given to effective communication and information flow among all persons involved in the project: users, substantive teams and project managers on the part of the Customer and the Contractor.

Dynamics Teck offer our Customers professional managers dedicated to project works, as well as experienced project managers with optimal skills necessary for effective achievement of the assumed goals. We always stress that an important project success factor is the involvement of the Customer, as active cooperation and mutual trust are necessary for effectiveness of projects launched and planned, as well as efficiency of project teams.

Implementation Audits and Advisory

How we can help :
Dynamics Teck provide total lifecycle guidance and support to clients that undertake the Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation. We help clients navigate through each stage of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP project, assisting with ways to help maximize the potential business value. Combining deep Microsoft Dynamics ERP applications understanding with business process and control experience, we can help organizations use their systems and applications investments to:

  • Leverage Microsoft Dynamics ERP functionality for better optimization of processes and business performance
  • Provide the organization with timely, accurate information to enhance business decision making
  • Help increase reliance on efficient, automated Business system controls and enhance regulatory compliance while focusing on cost reduction.
  • Help improve business risk management.
  • Providing guidance to help ensure a better planned and managed implementation

The result is a system that is more aligned with your business goals, and provides greater opportunity to sustain quality, improve controls and deliver long-term value.